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Hi, the name's Jasmine.

This happy, random "bloggella" is mainly made up of
✓ ridiculous tumblr humor ✓ nearly all animated movies ✓ Avatar: The Last Airbender ✓ How I Met Your Mother ✓ Doctor Who ✓ Marvel ✓ other movies ✓ feels ✓ photography ✓ nature ✓ food ✓ pretty things ✓ and the occassional rant.

Long story short, I'm a 18 year old girl from Virginia in college who refuses to ever grow up. A fangirl, procrastinator, hopeless romantic, indecisive perfectionist, political conservative and striving Jesus follower. I love God, people, and awesome stuff. Tumblr is my happy place, and if you have this URL, you know a lot about me. Send an ask if you'd like to know anything else or just want to talk to someone. Have a great day ^_^!

Currently watching:
Friends season 2 ✓ Monk season 1

ohmygosh I knew about the first one and loved it but there’s MORE AAHHHHH

I seriously teared.  This is so freaking perfect.

Unfortunately, these are all the comic strips they made D:  I want more!

sorry about the really long photoset sometimes if you make it smaller tumblr uploads the photos small-ish and you can’t read them so

so sorry about the first one being fuzzy, guys! I tried to re-upload but it didn’t work… you can see it if you click on the source!